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Uninstalling Casino on Net

If you have been gambling online and no longer want to do, you may need instructions for uninstalling Casino on Net. Uninstalling Casino on the Net is almost as easy as the initial download to install it. Uninstalling Casino on Net software only takes a few minutes.

Simply follow these easy directions.

1. Go to the start menu of your Windows desktop system.
2. Choose "Programs" from the Start Menu.
3. Look for the Casino on Net software and select and highlight it with your mouse.
4. You will see several options including one to Uninstall. Select this to start uninstalling Casino on Net.
5. Follow any additional directions that appear.
6. When the process of uninstalling Casino on Net software is complete, it will be completely removed from your system and you will not be able to play the Casino on Net games anymore without re-downloading the software.

Why might you need to uninstall Casino on Net? Certainly if you are just taking a break from online gaming, there is no need to uninstall Casino on Net. However, if you are transferring your computer to another person (especially a child or teenager) you may find yourself uninstalling Casino on Net. Uninstalling Casino on Net is also important if you are getting rid of your computer or giving it to someone you do not know. Finally, you may want to a uninstall Casino on Net if you are short on hard disk space or are no longer interested in online gambling. Some people uninstall Casino on Net software because it includes ads within the software that may pop up, even at times when you are not actually visiting the casino; the Casino on Net software also uses cookies to remember you between visits. After you uninstall Casino on Net, you may want to remove all of your cookies from your hard drive, too.

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