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Since it is one of the most popular online gambling sites, many people are interested in Casino on Net tournaments. Casino on Net tournaments are special events at the popular 888 Casino on Net web site. Casino on Net has one of the biggest online poker rooms and of course poker players love tournaments.

What is a tournament? A tournament is a cumulative gambling contest. In a Casino on Net tournament, all of the players start with equivalent numbers of chips. The play continues until one player has won all of the chips. There are different styles of Casino on Net tournaments, each of which will appeal to different players.

Multi Table Tournaments
In a multi table Casino on Net tournament, there are many players and thus, many tables. They are randomly seated and play begins; as the game progresses and players go out of the game (running out of chips) the tables are consolidated. Finally, there will be only one table and then one final player who is declared the winner. Since these tournaments are of long durations, a five minute break is declared each hour.

Sit and Go Tournaments
In a sit and go Casino on Net tournament, play is usually conducted at a single table with no more than 10 players. This is a much smaller scale tournament and the winner is the last player standing. These tournaments are shorter in duration than multi-table ones and generally have no breaks.

Other Casino on Net Tournament Variations In some Casino on Net tournaments, only the winner earns money. However, in other tournaments, the highest ranking players will all have winnings. Each Casino on Net tournament has a payout schedule that is strictly adhered to. Casino on Net tournaments allow players to make one bet and three raises during each round of betting.

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