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One of the most popular Internet casino destinations for the game of online roulette is Casino on Net. This large and professionally run web site offers a full range of games and is one of the most sought after web destinations.

Casino on Net roulette is played in the standard way, but there are a few differences. Just like when you are in a real casino, you can play Casino on Net roulette live with other players at the same table. If you want to play Casino on Net roulette with your friends, you may request a Group table and join up to two people of your choosing to play. Don't have your own posse, but want the social environment of other players? Select a public table and play with up to two other players. Of course, if you prefer to gamble solo, Casino on Net roulette can accommodate that as well; simply choose a Private table.

Casino on Net roulette uses European style tables; these tables give players better odds because they do not have a space marked "00". All of the numbers on the Casino on Net roulette table are alternately marked red or black except for the zero which is colored green. When the Casino on Net roulette wheel is spun, a ball rolls around until it finally settles in a number. That number corresponds to a number on the table and anyone who placed their chips on that number is a winner.

In Casino on Net roulette, you may also bet on either red or black, on a split (betting on two numbers by placing your chips on the line between them), on a corner (betting on four numbers by placing chips on the corner where the numbers meet) or on a street (betting on any three numbers in a row). A line bet allows you to bet on two streets (or six numbers) at once and a dozen bet lets you choose an entire column of Casino on Net roulette numbers.

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