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If you are online, you have probably seen links to Internet casinos. But, why do some many web sites, even those that are not in the casino business, linking to online gambling? The reason is that they are part of affiliate casino net programs.

Affiliate casino net programs are a way that webmasters of any web site with traffic can take advantage of the popularity of online gaming. Since gambling is one of the fastest growing segments of Internet business, affiliate casino net programs allow others to share a piece of that market without operating their own casinos.

The way that affiliate casino net programs work is that online casinos need visitors. Whenever you send a visitor to their site, by way of a link from your site or advertisement, if the visitor spends money on their site, you earn money. Most affiliate casino net programs offer you banners, buttons and other ads that you can simply place on your site; each with an embedded link that identifies you as the referrer for each visitor you send over. Once the visitor is on the online casino site, if they register and play games, you earn a portion of the income that visit generates.

Affiliate casino net programs all run a little bit differently. However, it is very common for sites to reward affiliate referrers with a percentage of the profits from a given visitor on an ongoing basis -- not just for that first visit. So, if you refer someone who spends a lot of money at the online tables, you will earn a piece of that action indefinitely. As you can imagine, the income from affiliate casino net programs can really add up over time and can be one of the most lucrative types of Internet affiliate program.

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