Politics And Poker: Who Has The Best Poker Face?

Not only when playing poker you sometimes have to make a real poker face – also in real life this happens often enough. Pokertrainer and honorary president of the German Poker sport federation, Stephan Kalhamer, discussed a href=”https://www.mittelbayerische.de/bayern-nachrichten/wer-hat-das-beste-pokerface-21705-art1367222.html”for the center Bavarian newspaper /a, who probably in the policy most Pokerrounden would win, if they sat at the table. The amateur European champion of 2013 has examined Angela Merkel, Horst Seehofer, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Chancellor Merkel is unpredictable

He gives Chancellor Merkel a good chance of winning, at the end of a poker evening Kalhamer gives her a good report. It is in some places badly transparent and not really calculable. Once she has a goal in front of her eyes, she also did everything she could to achieve it. How the conversion then succeeds, that could not be guessed at all.

Horst Seehofer is very predictable

Lieber would play Kalhamer there already against Horst Seehofer, who in his opinion has no Pokerface at all. This is rather a fight smile and Seehofer hardly able to change his strategy. Therefore he is very predictable.

On Donald Trump Kalhamer would only really play when he has the right hand. Trump is unpredictable, always appears as a full pound and is a real irritant. Patience is required.

Clinton smiles defeats simply away

The perfect poker face, however, he certifies to the wife of former US President Bill Clinton, Hillary. She would have the ability to simply smile away a bitter defeat. And you can’t provoke it.