A Christmas Carol Slot: Betsoft Tells The Beautiful Story Of The Festival

The merciless and stingy entrepreneur Scrooge exploits his employees and can’t do anything with Christmas and charity. Betsoft has taken Christmas Carol as its role model and turned it into the (Christmas) slot machine A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens published the now typical Christmas story in 1843 and is still one of the author’s best-known stories. Ebenezer Scrooge is an old money lender and also grumpy, stingy and greedy. Since his partner Jacob Marley is dead, he is the sole owner of the department store “Scrooge and Marley”, with an employee, who, despite working on the hungry cloth gnawing, Bob Cratchit. On Christmas Eve the late Jacob haunts him and tells him that he has landed in hell because of his greed and announces three ghosts to Scrooge who will haunt him that same night: the ghost of the past, the ghost of the present and the ghost of the future. They hold a mirror up to Scrooge and show him how his life so far has gone and, above all, where it will lead if he continues to be so cold and merciless to the people. Scrooge, full of fear and finally remorseful, turns into a completely different person.

Technical Features

A Christmas Carol from Betsoft has five reels and 25 paylines. The reels “stand” in Scrooge’s bedroom. Scrooge himself sits grimly in bed with a candle and waits for which of the ghosts appears. It’s snowing outside. The symbols on the reels are partly Christmassy: coin stack, Scrooge, bell, card deck, Scrooge’s bank logo, gifts, spirit of the future, spirit of the present and spirit of the past.

The graphics are very good and quite detailed, hat off to Betsoft! Next to the reels sits the frightened Scrooge, who occasionally scratches his head or is intimidated by a ghost hiding under the blanket.

The player can use any value between 0.02 and 1. Here also the not so generous Scrooges come at their expense.

With certain profit combinations also the ghosts are animated and the spirit of the future flies creepily over the reels. As with any slot machine, there is also an autoplay function, which the player can set with number and value as desired. Very handy if you are eating a pizza or in this case a Christmas goose on the side.

bonuses and winnings

There are some symbols in A Christmas Carol that can pay off. The spirit of the past triggers, with three or more symbols on the reels, past spins. The more symbols appear with the ghost, the more past spins there are. Each past spin guarantees a payline or an extra feature that is triggered. Three symbols make three spins, four make six spins, and five make 12 spins. Additional past and future spins can be collected during this feature. The symbol of the spirit of the future triggers, with three or more symbols, Future Spins. The more triggered symbols there are, the more Future Spins the player will receive. Each Future Spin guarantees a win on the payline or the triggering of an additional feature. Again, as with the previous symbol, three makes three spins, four makes six spins, and five makes 12 spins. The Spirit of the Present is the Wild symbol here and shows a Spirit-like green Scrooge. If you have three or more gifts on the reels, you get Wild symbols. Then all ghosts on the reels turn into wild symbols.

After a win, the player has the option to choose the Double Up button. You will see a coin with Scrooge’s head. Then you have to choose between head or tails. If you are right, you double your winnings. If you were wrong, you lose the winnings.

The symbol with the highest value is Scrooge, followed by the bell and the coins and the deck of cards is again the taillight.

We have tested and played A Christmas Carol and are very satisfied with the result! The game pays off if you’re willing to invest a little more and luck makes you do your job. The theme was well implemented and Betsoft has made a lot of effort with the structure and graphics of the game. So we say: try it out, don’t be stingy and hope for the ghosts!