Csgospeed Experiences

To the CS:GO Casinos has developed in recent years a real hype. The reasons for it are also quite obvious, because with the help of the casinos the much sought-after skins of the weapons can often be won for “an appeal and an egg”, while regular ones at Steam a medium fortune for the purchase would have to be taken into the hand. One of the best known and most popular CS:GO casinos is the CSGOSpeed. This supplier can score above all with the fact that a large Portfolio and an attractive and clear web page are offered. Which experiences we could collect in detail with the offer, we betray in the following now once completely exactly.

Our experiences in the overview

The principle of the casino is after our experiences with CSGOSpeed easily understandable and simple. The players can use here their Skins or also Cases as deposit and receive in the exchange for it from the Casino a certain number at Coins. The purpose of the games is, of course, to increase the number of coins for the players. If this is the case, these coins can be invested in more valuable or rarer skins, which any player can then easily pay out again. According to our CSGOSpeed test report, the number of game options in the portfolio is particularly convincing. There are a lot of interesting titles that should inspire every customer. There is also the possibility to chat with other players and even run a playlist in the background. In short: Everything has been thought of here.

CSGOSpeed in check: Fraud or serious?

Over a million users are registered with CSGOSpeed, so that the provider can be described as one of the largest representatives of its industry. This is already an impressive fact, which promises security to most players at the same time. After all, numerous customers are active here and obviously rightly rely on the fact that their bets and skins are always in the best hands. So there is no reason to assume that CSGOSpeed is cheating. Especially not because the games in the portfolio are provably fair. Here a computer calculates the values for the random generator, which then really randomly selects the winner of each game round. In the aftermath, the results can be traced back exactly, so that there is definitely no reason to worry. Instead it can be stated without doubt that the CSGO Speed is working seriously.

The offer at a glance

The offer of the casino in the CSGO Speed Test can convince especially with the selection in the portfolio. Who has loaded its account with appropriate Coins, can select from a multiplicity of plays. The games Jackpot, Roulette or Revolver, for example, which are partly games against the computer, but partly also games between two players, are right at the front. If you want to make especially big winnings, you should stick above all to the game Jackpot. At the same time, a lot of luck is required for the main prize. In addition to the three games mentioned, cases, crash and match betting are also available. Match Betting is only conditionally a game, but rather betting on certain events. In addition, according to our CSGO Speed experience, players can also try their luck in coin tossing, Black Jack or auctions.

Other games can be called up by clicking on the “Other Games” button on the left side of the screen. After one click, seven more games are displayed, including a slot machine, Drag Race, Blender, Heads Up, Safe Box, Taxi and Scratch. The minimum stake for each game is displayed by the provider for each game. In addition, the point “Stats” is particularly useful, with which you can call up all the important statistics relating to your own games. The offerer secures itself further plus points in the comparison with other CSGO Casinos for its integrated Chat, in which besides regularly Giveaways are distributed to the players.

Deposit: Fast transfer of skins

For deposits to the player’s account, users do not need to take their own money into their hands at the casino. Instead, the deposit is made by a transfer of their own skins, which can then be exchanged at the provider into the coins for the games. However, there are no problems with the processing of these transactions.

Security and regulation: Secure provider

The provider can set a really big exclamation mark in the area of security and credibility with the fact that more than one million players are registered on the platform. That is noticeable among other things at the fact that an active number of exchange business is accomplished and also in the Chat always a continuous enterprise prevails. If it were a dubious provider, of course this would not be the case. In this respect, a CSGOSpeed fraud can be ruled out on the basis of the large number of players. At the same time, however, the provider can provide an additional receipt, as all games in the portfolio are provably fair. In principle, this means nothing more than that the random number generators are calculated mathematically and, of course, completely independently. In each round of the game, only chance decides on winners and losers. The results of the games can also be tracked. If a customer should not trust his possible defeat thus perhaps over the way, he can convince himself after conclusion of the play round completely simply of the correctness.

Support and customer service: Contact also over social networks possible

The contact possibilities with the offerer are quite various after our experience, so that the players can use different ways for the establishment of contact. The most classical variant is thereby the E-Mail, which can be sent completely simply around the clock. To note is thereby that the answer takes place in English, which is not completely unimportant surely for the German players. In addition, there is always a certain waiting time associated with the e-mail. In addition to the e-mail contact, the conversation is also available in the social networks. CSGOSpeed is of course active on Steam, but at the same time it is also active on Facebook and Twitter. With a little luck you can save a lot of time, because it is not uncommon for answers to these questions to come faster than with e-mail.

User friendliness: There’s nothing to complain about here

From a graphic point of view, the casino’s website is certainly one of the top homepages in the industry. The entire structure works enormously goal-prominent and structured, whereby particularly the clear menu at the left picture edge can convince. Already with a view all plays can be called, at the same time here also the deposits and disbursements, statistics or exchange business are supervised. All in all, the click paths are always enormously short and ensure that even newcomers can find their way within a few moments. The web page was arranged considerable likewise, so that we can speak of an all around successful appearance.

Fazit: The selection is nearly unbeatable

More than ten different plays are found after our CSGOSpeed experiences in the Portfolio of the casino, whereby the offerer is clearly superior to many competitors. Beyond that the offer scores with some useful extras, like for example the statistics or also the Giveaways in the Chat. The chat itself can also be described as a nice addition and strengthens the community awareness of the players. There are also no problems with payments or question marks with security and regulation. In this respect, the overall conclusion is positive.